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The Purpose and Mission of Major Impact, Inc.:

Welcome to Major Impact where your problems and concerns becomes our priority and mission to assist you with resolving in a healthy manner. We realize that problems don’t always come when you expect the, and even when expected, usually brings about frustratingly stressful emotions.

Our mission is to rebuild communities, one family at a time, realizing that both individuals and families are the foundations and cornerstones of any and all communities.

We provide a wide range of services from, Substance Abuse classes (DUI and Drugs), Parenting classes, Drug screens, Anti-Theft classes, Prostitution classes and Anger Management.

The owners and staff of Major Impact, would like for you to invite us to become a part of your family and community to work together to make this community a shining beacon for other communities to emulate.

Clayton and Theresa Major
Owners of Major Impact, Inc.