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Parenting Classes

Major Impact offers three different styles of Parenting Classes/Programs that work with men, woman, and couples who are looking to reunify and/or strengthen their relationship with their children.

Marriage and Parenting: This is a 10 week program for couples dealing with issues related to child rearing. The program addresses communication styles, family upbringing and family dynamics that factor into raising a healthy child/children.

Nurturing Father’s Program: This is a 13 week program designated for men/males that are looking to establish a relationship with their children. The program has been provided in the Department Of Corrections population to assist men returning to society and their families with not commanding/demanding too much from their children and their mothers’

Nurturing Parenting Program: This is a 15 week program that provides alternatives to child rearing that also involves observation(s) of parent and child to understand the dynamics of their relationship. This program works to improve the relationship with both parent and child. This is a program that provides alternatives to “spanking” that are just as effective and does not enforce “blind-obedience” from the child.